Alf Alderson

Ultimate Skiing Adventures

Ultimate Skiing Adventures takes you on a skiing voyage around the planet’s biggest, best and most unusual ski destinations — from the huge mega-resorts of the French Alps to sailing along Iceland’s north coast in search of great snow, there are exciting adventures that will appeal to everyone from novice to expert. The inspirational descriptions of 100 locations combine Alf Alderson’s personal experience with the input of experts in all aspects of skiing and mountain sports and are accompanied by stunning full-page photography from some of the world’s foremost ski photographers. Published in a year of great uncertainty for ski travel, this book allows you to escape onto the slopes in your own home. Perfect for indulging in some armchair skiing of slopes that only the most adventurous will tackle and for planning your next ski trip. And it’s not just about skiing — the contents cover avalanche rescue techniques, snow science, road trips, the work of ski patrollers and resorts so remote and obscure that you may never have heard of them. The book is divided into sections on Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Scandinavia and the Rest of the World. Discover where you will ski next — in reality or in your imagination.
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