R. M Ballantyne

The Island Queen

When their ship is destroyed at sea, the Rigonda siblings soon find themselves stranded on a deserted coral island. They attack their new lives with gusto and learn essential survival skills. Just as they think that they have established a new sense of normality, however, a huge storm brings another shipwreck to the island's shores, and with it an entire colony's worth of people. The previously established equilibrium is quickly shattered when fights begin to break out and Paulina Rigonda is asked to be the queen of the island. Perfect for fans of William Golding's 'Lord of The Flies', this quick-paced adventure will leave you captivated by Paulina, Dominick, and Otto's struggle for survival.
Robert Michael Ballantyne (1825 — 1894) was a Scottish author. Born into a family of famous printers and publishers, his expertise was juvenile fiction, and he wrote over 100 hugely successful books in this genre. The most notable of these include ‘The Coral Island’, ‘The Eagle Cliff’, and ‘The Gorilla Hunters’. Famed for his tendency to fully immerse himself into the environment of whichever story he was working on, his lively prose is unmissable for those who enjoyed Matt Haig’s ‘The Midnight Library’.
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Saga Egmont
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