G.J. Hocking

The Pentecostal Paradox

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In 1906, a new religious phenomenon emerged from California. Then, just over sixty years later, a million-fold expansion occurred. What was the catalyst for this explosion of growth? The Pentecostal Paradox explores the history and rise of a new religious movement called the Pentecostals. Drawing on eyewitness accounts, newspaper articles of the day, and other long-forgotten sources, author G. J. Hocking weaves together an accurate history of the movement to the present day.
Filled with fascinating stories--the mailing lists of over 50,000 subscribers go missing; a preacher hijacked the pulpit causing untold havoc; a report of flames shooting fifty feet in the air--The Pentecostal Paradox asks: Were these events fact, fiction, or real phenomena?
In this timely work, California the Charismatic Cradle features prominently as the author juxtaposes the rise of Pentecostalism with both the California gold rush and the San Francisco earthquake. Eventually, a “God Rush” occurred in 1906 as many rushed to Azusa Street, Los Angeles.
How will this book shed light on this vast group? What next for Pentecostalism? These questions are answered in a candid and yet concise way in this much-needed analysis of the Pentecostal movement.
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