Chandra Wickramasinghe

A Journey with Fred Hoyle

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This is the story of the author's unique scientific journey with one of the most remarkable men of 20th century science. The journey begins in Sri Lanka, the author's native country, with his childhood acquaintance with Fred Hoyle's writings. The action then moves to Cambridge, where the famous Hoyle–Wickramasinghe collaborations begin. A research programme which was started in 1962 on the carbonaceous nature of interstellar dust leads, over the next two decades, to developments that are continued in both Cambridge and Cardiff. These developments prompt Hoyle and the author to postulate the organic theory of cosmic dust (which is now generally accepted), and then to challenge one of the most cherished paradigms of contemporary science — the theory that life originated on Earth in a warm primordial soup.
This new edition examines the many scientific developments that have transpired since the first edition was published. The discovery of bacteria in the upper reaches of the atmosphere, biological signatures in meteorites, spectroscopy of high-z galaxies and more all mesh with many of the ideas that had their origin in the first edition. Pushing into the future, the updated text examines the many experiments and probes currently operating or planned that will shed more light on the theory of planetary panspermia. A Journey with Fred Hoyle is an intriguing book that delineates the progress of a collaboration spanning 40 years, through a sequence of personal reflections, anecdotes and reminiscences.
Contents:Origins: Prelude to the JourneyCambridge and a First MeetingA Hike in the Lake DistrictBetwixt the StarsThe Route to Carbon DustA Theory Takes ShapeThe Institute of Astronomy: The Vintage YearsWinds of ChangeThe Cardiff EraThe Search for Cosmic LifeLife from Comets and Pathogens from SpaceFirst Signs of LifeBacterial Dust Predictions VerifiedLife on the PlanetsEvolution from SpaceTheories of TrialA Fossil ControversyComet Halley and Its LegacyAlternative CosmologiesThe Last DecadeEpilogue
Readership: General readers and students of the history of science.
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