What is Your Life's Work, Bill Jensen
Bill Jensen

What is Your Life's Work

200 printed pages
What Is Your Life's Work? captures a most extraordinary moment in each of our lives—the time when we sit down with loved ones and attempt to answer the big question about what really matters. Bill Jensen has created a wonderfully practical space for you to explore who you are, what you stand for, what you believe in, what's risky, what's not, what's worth it, what you're struggling with, and what you've accomplished.
He has captured the intimate exchanges between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and caring teammates—all talking about what really matters at work, and in life. Their conversations are as real as yours would be:
“Don't kiss tush, beware carnivorous sheep.”“Honey, there are no shortcuts.”“My daughter was limp with pain … and I'm worried about deadlines. What was I thinking?!?!”“Speak up if you don't agree.”“Be a respectful rebel.”In What Is Your Life's Work? you will discover a new way to see and know who you are in today's more-better-faster world. Exposed is what usually stays private; the raw truths we've all experienced, the personal frailties and mistakes we'd like to hide, and the proudest achievements we'd like to celebrate.
In the letters and work diaries of others, we see ourselves. In their struggles, we see our own.
Bill Jensen has made it his life's work to battle corporate stupidity and help us all simplify our workdays, take more control, and rediscover our passions. As your trail guide and partner, he will take you through five distinct discoveries that thousands have encountered in finding their voices:
Finding YourselfFinding the Lessons to Be Learned,the Questions to Be AskedFinding the Choices That Really MatterFinding the Courage to ChooseFinding Joy, Serenity, and FulfillmentWhile it touches your heart and lifts your soul, What Is Your Life's Work? does not shy away from difficult introspection. You are an active participant in this book. Yes, you will find value here—stories of people like you, new ways of looking at what really matters, or simple confirmation that others have chosen the same path as you.
But the ultimate takeaway asks something of you in return: Take something from this book and pay it forward. Start a new conversation with a loved one about what really matters—about your own life's work.
You will get back even more than you give. You will have brought these pages to life.
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