Meditation Made Effortless

Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep, Developing Mindfulness and Self-Healing

Discover How You Can Easily Fall Asleep, Deepen The Peace in Your Life and Actually Feel Happier in Your Daily Life Stressed out? Struggling to fall asleep at night? Constantly Anxious? Can never relax? Feeling low recently? Most of use go through one or more of them symptoms listed above. I know all of us at Beginner Meditation Guides for All have. Luckily, we all found meditations to help us with these issues. I’m not saying it’s going to cure all of life’s issues, but It can certainly help A LOT with many things. Whether it’s wanting to fall asleep easier, reduce your anxiety, manage your stress or just feel a bit happier everyday, these guided meditations will help you on your journey. With over 10 hours of meditations, you’ll undoubtedly find some you can’t stop coming back to. Here’s a little taster of what’s inside…
• Exact 10 and 20 Minute Meditations to Relax You Into a Deep Sleep
• How These Guided Meditations Can Finally Help You Overcome Sleep Issues
• Meditations That Actually Help You to Reduce and Deal With Your Anxiety!
• Easy to Follow Guided Mindfulness Meditations (These are Perfect Morning Meditations)
• The 1 Must Know Meditation Technique to Deepen Your Mindfulness!
• Self-Healing Meditations To Help You Start Your Healing Journey
• A Sleep Meditation That Will Have You Drifting Off In Minutes!
• Meditations to Help Combat Your Depression
• The PERFECT After Work Relaxation Meditation (We All Have Those Kind of Days at Work!)
An Array of Sleep Meditations to Choose From to Help You Find The Best Ones for YOU And so much more! These meditations are so easy to follow and are based on proven meditation techniques, so even if you’ve never meditated before in your life, you’ll find the experience easy and enjoyable! So, If You Want to Finally Fall Asleep Effortlessly, Become More Peaceful and Feel Happier on a Daily Basis Then Scroll Up and Click “Add to Cart.”
111 printed pages
Original publication
Joseph Knight



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