Adrian Lawrence

All about the Frackles

All about the Frackles or all about the money as it is more commonly referred to in America. This is the amazing story of “Nar” a young Jamaican man who was wanted by Jamaican police force for crimes that he committed on his island. Once Nar got hip, that a police officer by The name of Moggela was on his trail. Nar got help from Blacka, which is the area leader that controlled the community that Nar was from. Blacka helped Nar with
obtaining a passport with a visa, which he used to enter the United States.

Once Nar migrated to the states he was unable to get a decent paying job. This set back forced him to go back to the streets and resort to the only thing he knows best. Where the battle for money breed jealousy, larceny, and malice. In the end, it is “All About The Frackles”
110 printed pages
Original publication



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