Nikolai Gogol

The Night Before Christmas

One snowy night, Solokha, a witch, steals the stars and the Devil takes the moon, leaving the townspeople of Dikanka in pitch darkness. The Devil has orchestrated this because he is upset with the town blacksmith, Vakula, who paints religious pictures as a pastime.
A beautiful but very vain girl, Oksana, is the focus of young men of the village. Solokha is in league with the Devil to cause mischief in the lives of Vakula and Choub, Oksana's father. Solokha, wants to marry Oksana's wealthy widowed father. She does not want her son to marry Oksana and gain Choub's wealth. The Devil wants to cause hate between Vakula and Choub so that Choub will beat Vakula who would then be unable to paint religious pictures.
Later the moon slips back out of the Devil's pocket and restores…
78 printed pages
Original publication


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