Rufus King

Secret Beyond the Door

Rufus King, master of the macabre, penned a modern Bluebeard thriller of such unbearable suspense that Hollywood jumped at the chance to produce it as a movie. MUSEUM PIECE No. 13 (later renamed to match the movie) was filmed as SECRET BEYOND THE DOOR, starring Joan Bennett and Michael Redgrave, and produced by Fritz Lang. It became an instant noir classic, as tense, shocking, and suspenseful as the original novel.
Lily Rumney, lovely and in love, could see no evil in her husband. Not even when she discovered his strange collection of blood-spattered rooms where murder had been done. But when a forbidden door swung open and Lily entered a chamber prepared for death — her death! — she knew she must escape. Slowly, warily, frozen by dread, the terrified bride walked a dim corridor…while close at hand a madman planned his thirteenth killing!
177 printed pages
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