Laura Lee

The Name's Familiar II

The fictional characters Dracula, Madeline, and Lois Lane were all inspired by real people. There really is a Nathan behind Nathan's hotdogs, a Cliff behind CliffsNotes, and an Anne behind Auntie Anne's, but J. Crew is just a figment of a marketing director's imagination. Monica, Sandra, Rita, and the other girls of “Mambo No. 5” fame are Lou Bega's real-life ex-girlfriends. For those of you who have wondered about these names and those who never thought to, Laura Lee details the stories behind them, and many others, in her new book, The Name's Familiar II.
This sequel to her book, The Name's Familiar, contains over 350 entries that tell the origins and originators of words, characters, brand names, and even towns. Elmira, New York, for instance, was named after a rambunctious little girl whose mother was constantly calling her. Neighbors heard her name so much they decided to call the town Elmira. The names explained in this book range from those of contemporary pop culture to ancient legend. Whether it's Smokey the Bear or Julius Caesar, you'll be given new insight that will change the way you look at names forever.
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