Claire “High Pockets” Phillips,Myron B. Goldsmith

Manila Espionage

Manila Espionage is the incredible true account of Claire “High Pockets” Phillips, an American entertainer living in Manila in 1941 who becomes an angel of the underground after her US Army officer husband dies in a Japanese POW prison. Using her popular Tsubuki Club as the resistance's headquarters, High Pockets and her staff charm information from Japanese officers downing spiked drinks and relay the intelligence via guerilla fighters to General MacArthur's staff. During the day, Claire and her girls smuggle contraband in their bras ('high pockets') past bribed Japanese guards paid to look the other way, into imprisoned American POWs — money, food, and clothes — saving countless lives.

This new edition of Manila Espionage includes footnotes and photographs from World War 2.
332 printed pages
Original publication
Azimuth Press


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