Ziauddin Sardar,Jerry Ravetz

Introducing Mathematics

What is mathematics, and why is it such a mystery to so many people?
Mathematics is the greatest creation of human intelligence. It affects us all. We depend on it in our daily lives, and yet many of the tools of mathematics, such as geometry, algebra and trigonometry, are descended from ancient or non-Western civilizations.
Introducing Mathematics traces the story of mathematics from the ancient world to modern times, describing the great discoveries and providing an accessible introduction to such topics as number-systems, geometry and algebra, the calculus, the theory of the infinite, statistical reasoning and chaos theory. It shows how the history of mathematics has seen progress and paradox go hand in hand — and how this is still happening today.
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  • Diana Luciushas quotedlast year
    Babylonian sexagesimal system has survived to this day. Circles have 360 degrees. Hours have sixty minutes. Minutes have sixty seconds.
  • Farid Rahimovhas quoted7 years ago
    The Chinese were very keen to get an accurate value of π. Liu Hui
  • Farid Rahimovhas quoted7 years ago
    paradox concerns Achilles

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