J.Brent Bill

Sacred Compass

“Brent Bill has written one of the finest books on discernment and divine guidance that I have seen in a very long time.”
–Richard J. Foster
How do you discover God’s will for your life — every day?

Sacred Compass offers a fresh and deeper way of living a God-directed life. J. Brent Bill draws on the quiet beauty of the Quaker path to show how spiritual discernment is more about sensing God’s gracious presence than it is about making the right decisions. As you use this book to chart your own spiritual course, you will find yourself led to unexpected places, comforted by the knowledge that God uses all of our experiences to bring us close.

“Sacred Compass is the perfect companion for those seeking to follow God in the way of Jesus in the midst of the realities of 21st century life. Brent Bill graciously and passionately opens the pathway of the spiritual practice of discernment for the novice and deepens the possibilities for the well experienced. This book will serve as a revelation for many and well could be the start of a revolution for a new generation Christians.”
— Doug Pagitt, Pastor of Solomon’s Porch and Author of A Christianity Worth Believing

“Sacred Compass celebrates and reassures that on this engaging, glorious, bewildering human journey, we individually and communally carry with us an ever present divine source of navigation.”
— Carrie Newcomer, Rounder recording artist, The Geography of Light
172 printed pages
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