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45 DIY Natural Homemade Liquid Soap Recipes

Liquid Soap- that is something everybody needs for everyday use and it has no ready substitute.
In the washroom, in the bathroom, in the kitchen –we need it everywhere. Every month we purchase a variety of liquid soaps and then again we have to repurchase again. Now, if we can save some bucks on this each month, wouldn’t it be awesome? Making the soaps at home is really simple and is something you can do by yourself.
Grab the utensils you need to make liquid soaps/shower gels/conditioning shampoos and start creating magic! I say magic because it is really fascinating that you can use something that you have made that took only few hours. Some of them can be ready in just few minutes too.
In the 45 DIY Natural Homemade Liquid Soap Recipes, you will learn how to make the following liquid soaps:
* Homemade Conditioning Shampoo
* Homemade Bubble Bath
* Homemade Shower Gel 
* Homemade Hand Wash Soap
* Homemade Dishwashing Soap
The steps are fairly easy to follow and anyone can actually try this since they are based on the melt and pour method. After making the gels or soaps, be sure to store them the way it is suggested. Please take note that every recipe is different so try to follow the instructions to get the desired outcome.
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