Lee Cushing

Tourist Trap

The Trust — A secret organisation comprised of thousands of independent field units fighting an eternal war against demonic forces that prey on the innocent. One such unit is now under the leadership of the mysterious Anton Vladek and with his top operatives, Catherine Jordan, Forrest King and Cutter Smith, he fights demons that can be anyone — friend, lover or family.The Strigoi are on a killing rampage, feeding off the tourists in Durden's Bay and the Dukes Hotel. Agents Cutter and Forrest are dispatched to find and stop them. When Brenda and her husband, David, arrive in town for a business conference, she catches sight of Cutter and is sure he's the man who was executed for her parents' murders, but no one believes her. Cutter denies her accusation but Brenda will never forget face of the man who stole her life just as effectively as he'd stolen theirs. Brenda tries to corner Cutter but can't seem to catch him and when she does Cutter confesses a truth that rocks Brenda's world. Still reeling from shock, Brenda realizes all the lies and secrets could cost her and David their lives. As the Strigoi continue to ravage the town and the bodies add up, Cutter and Forrest are determined to accomplish their mission, never realizing their mission will destroy the innocent as well as the evil that stalks Durden's bay!
126 printed pages



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