Words Spoken Only On Paper, Harriet Bocca
Harriet Bocca

Words Spoken Only On Paper

An inspirational story of the evolution of grief and love. Based on a true story. With four children to raise and a busy household, Harriet involved herself in the activities of being a mom. Her oldest son died at age seventeen of a drug overdose, devastated she struggled to survive such a loss. Eleven years later, when the sting of such a tragedy was dulled Harriet‘s nineteen year old son died in a motorcycle accident. Paralyzed with grief she turned to writing and has found purpose. You will come to know two different women who reached out to one another. Through letters they filled a need in both. As the years passed and their lives continued the letters evolved into intimate and revealing feelings spilling out on paper. In their private bond of trust, they were safe thus allowing their hearts to speak without judgment. Unafraid, yet vulnerable, they grew stronger in their unspoken words, always sensitive with deliberate intent not to hurt or upset.
142 printed pages
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