Jorg Dietzel,Ivan Ho

Cool Cash. Make Money From Your Hobbies

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do,” said Steve Jobs. How true. And have we not all thought the same? And yet, earning and enjoyment never seem to come together! Now Cool Cash will prove that anyone can do it – and shows you how. Here are 30 secrets to successfully turning your hobby into a source of income. Whether it’s cooking, baking, gaming, swimming, pets, comics or travel, every hobby can – with the right strategies – earn you some cool cash. Drawing on detailed interviews and case studies with people who have built profitable and sustainable “hobby jobs”, this book presents tried-and-true principles that everyone will benefit from. Divided into 3 sections – Small Starts, Growing Pains, and Open for Business – Cool Cash takes readers step-by-step through the stages of discovery, execution, and growth. Learn how to Experiment with your skills; how to Advertise in the right places; and how to Price it right (not too high, but not too low either!). For those who take the lessons to heart and master the principles, cool cash awaits. A bonus section shows readers how to best market themselves online. Written in a lively, engaging style, this is the ideal guide for anyone who has ever thought to themselves, “How can I make money doing what I’d happily do for free?”
346 printed pages
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