Gary Westfal

Key Horizon

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The wife of the Israeli Deputy Prime Minister is missing. The circumstantial evidence implicates her husband as a plausible suspect. The sordid details are complicated by the fact that they are on vacation in the South of France when the incident occurs.
Despite the fact that the Deputy Prime Minister emphatically denies having anything to do with his own wife’s disappearance, French authorities have suspended the customary political courtesies normally extended to him in an unprecedented move to secure the only suspect and to initiate a formal investigation.
In a bold move, the Israeli government launches an independent cooperative clandestine investigation with the assistance of the United States to find the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife, and if possible, to punish those responsible for her abduction.  The Israeli Mossad–one of the most capable covert agencies on the planet— is commissioned to come up with a plan to achieve the objective. Together with the collaborative efforts of the United States, they form a highly capable team of operatives to pursue the leads and follow the evidence, wherever it takes them; among them, American operative Joey G. Weston–an agent with an ability to look beyond the typical veil of psychological distraction and criminal mind games.
Unofficially sanctioned under the code name OPERATION KEY HORIZON, the American’s paths soon cross with the beautiful and highly capable Israeli Agent Tzofiya Kalev in the South of France as they join forces to discover the truth.
Following the clues and Weston’s unconventional insight ultimately lead the team to the epicenter of terrorism operations deep inside the borders of Yemen and to the sordid web of one of the most radical and influential terrorist networks. It is there where they continue to uncover information leading to the network’s involvement and are surprised by what they find when they are faced with a decision that may ultimately determine the success of the entire operation and the fate of their own survival.
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