Prem Chhatwani

How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Diseases

Read what others are saying: * Very easy to read. The ebook is short and to the point. Gives info on herbs that have health benefits for your heart. * Gives you a great deal of insight as to how the heart works and how to keep it healthy and strong. * Good information on taking care of your heart and how to prevent heart disease and live healthy. Very good recipes.. Learn about Herbs that help your heart. Chelation Therapy -How it works and how you can avoid the By-Pass. Read my personal experiences with EDTA Chelation Therapy. Learn how magnetized water can help clean your arteries. This amazing molecule can improve your circulation and sex life. Latest tests recently announced can predict way in advance if you are going to have Heart problems and more. Read it here. TABLE OF CONTENTS My Personal Journey 1. Herbs that help your heart 2. Power of Pomegranate 3. Chelation Therapy, how it works, where to seek help 4. Magnetized Water, history, how to make it at home 5. Heart Health and Water 6. Nitric Oxide and how it can help your circulation 7. Lack of sleep can affect your heart health 8. Let us Toast to our healthy heart 9. Amazing five Tibetan Rites-Heart Healthy exercise 10. Latest medical tests that can help you.
85 printed pages
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