Kimberly Lawrence

The Labrador Retriever Dog Bible

☆★The Ultimate Labrador Retriever Dog Bible★☆

If you want to add the best qualities of America's top dog to your household, you'll need to know how to avoid the potential quirks of the breed!
The high popularity rating of Labrador Retrievers results from characteristics that include a large and whimsical personality, gentle nature and friendly disposition.
When you find the ideal pup, and you know the right methods to bring out the best qualities, life with a Lab can prove comically unpredictable!
This is a must-have guide for all beginner Labrador Retriever puppy owners and individuals who are thinking of getting a Labrador Retriever puppy.

★★The Labrador Retriever Dog Bible includes★★

♦ A fun-loving companion to bond with all members of the family
♦ A growing loyalty as you teach your highly trainable Lab obedience and boundaries
♦ An overview of just why training your Labrador is one of the very best things you can do for it
♦ Someone who is always willing to go hunting and fishing, no matter the time or the temperature
♦ A complete how-to-guide on how to potty train your Lab in a remarkably short amount of time with as few accidents as possible
♦ A spirited yet gentle-natured companion who is always happy to see you
♦ How to extend the life of your Labrador
♦ And much more…

Be the best friend to your best friend by knowing what it takes to find, feed, train and raise a Labrador. 
America's top dog won the rank for being an all-around companion for single owners or an entire family. But not all lifestyles will suit the needs of this spirited, attention seeking breed. 

Don't look any further for another guide on this subject. This will answer any questions you might have, and will teach you how to do everything you need plus tons more! Scroll up and click the buy now button to get this awesome guide today!
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