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Britney King

HER: A Psychological Thriller

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In the tradition of Gone Girl and Behind Closed Doors comes a gripping, twisted, furiously clever read that demands your attention, and keeps you guessing until the very end. For fans of the anti-heroine and stories told in unorthodox ways, Her delivers us the perfect dark and provocative villain. The only question—who is it?
“After four, I quit counting. What's the point if you know it isn't going to stop?”
Sadie is jealous. Why wouldn't she be? Her life is falling apart. Meanwhile, her new neighbor is everything she is not.
Ann is perfect—the kind of woman everyone loves to hate--and a best friend to die for. She hosts over-the-top dinner parties, takes parenting to an entirely different level, and makes ambition look sexy as hell.
Sadie learns quick: the best way to cure jealousy is to befriend it. She also learns there's more to her new friend than meets the eye. She's patient, she's kind, and possibly a serial killer.
It isn't until Ann's proclivities hit a little too close to home that Sadie has to ask herself how much she's willing to overlook in the name of getting what she wants.
Exquisitely paced, Her is an unnerving and electrifying psychological thriller about jealousy, passion, and the dangerous places desire can take you. Full of enough tension and twists to make even the most seasoned suspense reader break out in a cold sweat, it keeps you guessing until the very last page.

What readers are saying about HER:

★★★★★ “One crazy ride!So many twists and turns… I was hooked right awayI read this book everywhereon my lunch hour, while waiting in my kid’s school pickup line, I even hid from them in the closet. Whatever it took just so I wouldn’t have to stop… addictive… the perfect thriller!” — Goodreads reviewer

★★★★★ “I was obsessed with this story… couldn’t get through the book fast enough… I was continuously gasping or saying 'Oh my God' out loud.” — Goodreads reviewer

★★★★★ “I could NOT put it down!… An incredible roller-coaster ride… This book left me hungry for more and I could not believe the ending!!” — Goodreads reviewer

★★★★★ “I got severe whiplash from the twists and turns… Every time I thought I had it figured out… WRONG!!!… I am still reeling… pure perfection. If you love a top-notch psychological thriller that will have you questioning EVERYTHING, then this 5-star read is for you.” — Goodreads reviewer

★★★★★ “What a wild ride!!! Britney King definitely delivered the best twisted endingGripping from start to finish… honestly, I just could not put it down… A mind-blowing shocker that kept me guessing and gripping my seat until the very last page.” — Goodreads reviewer

★★★★★ “SO GOOD… I didn’t want to put it down! I read it in one sitting… I was on the edge of my seatyou will not see the ending coming! Drop what you are doing and pick up this book!” — Goodreads reviewer

★★★★★ “Wow!!!… Man! What a roller coaster ride this was! It had me bitting my nails seat!Incredible book!… Shocking ending!… I highly recommend… fantastic… I'd give it ten stars if I could.” — Goodreads reviewer

★★★★★ “Superb! Finished HER in one afternoon, such a compulsive read. The ending packs a punch!” — Goodreads reviewer

★★★★★ “You will NOT believe the direction this book takes… A jaw-dropping twist… A truly stunning thriller that I could not read quickly enough.” — Goodreads reviewer
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