Gerald L'Ange

The White Africans

The negotiated transfer of power in apartheid South Africa was the last act in the dismantling of white supremacy on the African continent. While opening a new era for the whites in Africa, it closed an earlier one that contains some of the most colourful episodes in world history. In The White Africans, South African journalist and writer Gerald L’Ange gives a warts-and-all account of the European experience in Africa, from the explorations of the 15th-century Portuguese mariners to the presidential inauguration of Nelson Mandela in 1994. The story is traced through the Europeans’ exploration and settlement, through their slavery and economic exploitation, their conquest and colonisation, through decolonisation and the liberation struggles in Kenya, Algeria, the Portuguese territories, Rhodesia and Namibia to the negotiation of democracy in South Africa. Avoiding both past falsities and recent distortions, the book seeks the truth of the European experience, examines the present situation of the white Africans and looks at what might lie ahead for them.
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