Ronald Janesh

Ariela Aparecida and the Valley of the Waterfall's Mist

Within this magical forest setting, young Ariela Aparecida lives in the mountainous Brazilian interior. She is absorbed by the life of the vineyard that sustains her family’s village, toiling each day to care for the vines and learn the secrets of their growth.One day, she is visited by a phantom samba dancer, who appears in the mist from the waterfalls. The phantom leaves Ariela with a silvery hoe and pruning shears, and the warning that she will soon be tested. That night, a giant owl flies to the foot of her bed, taking Ariela and her tools atop his wings for a flight to the forest’s edge. There she meets an ancient grapevine that reveals secrets and sets Ariela to a task that will save the vineyard from destruction.The vine commands her to clear obstructions at the source of the valley’s waterfalls high up in the mountains. She must free the waterfall flow and be back in bed by dawn. This book is available as an e-book in Portuguese and English.
41 printed pages



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