Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 4, Mistress Scarlet
Mistress Scarlet

Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 4

Readers’ comments on previous journals. # I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND to all! I must compliment you on some superb reading matter, once I started reading I couldn’t put it down! The methods of humiliation you and your friends so exquisitely force upon your bitch boy are of the best I’ve ever read! # Your sadistic and controlling mind is simply magnificent! How wonderfully effective you are in making it the nothing that it is — an object to be molded and used simply for your pleasures! You are indeed an amazing and awesome Mistress! # I think you are the most magnificent Mistress and an example of female domination and enslaved male lifestyle equal to the best. # It is your imaginative cruelty and sadism that ignites and inflames and there are so many instances in your Journals that demonstrate it. # Just read “Part I” — looking forward to Part 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6!
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Wojtek Salo
Wojtek Salohas quoted4 years ago
Volume 4: Introduction

The paragraphs below of introduction and courtship description were set out in Volume 1. Should you have already read Volume 1, you may wish to move straight to the diary entries.

My name is Scarlet, one of three sisters born of a mother who covertly dominated our father and once to my knowledge, cuckolded him. This upbringing clearly rubbed off on me, on my older sister Sandra and on my younger sister Sarah. These journals describe my life of being a dominant female and the accounts within occasionally include details of events involving my two, now equally dominant sisters and other women I have become involved with over the years.

I live with my husband bitch-boy. I take female lovers and cuckold bitch-boy with them. Bitch-boy is a subjugated, trapped slave and source of amusement. I am a sadist and dominant. He does all the chores and housework, and fetches and carries and his reward is enforced chastity, humiliation, punishment and suffering. You could say he is between a rock and a hard place because his submissive soul is fully satisfied as my slave-husband but he hates so much of what he must endure. Should he ever consider it, he would fear the consequences of leaving me, but my years of conditioning him, I believe, have left him thinking of no other life beyond that which he now endures.

For this journal, the year of writing is 2011. In general, the events within are not in chronological order. Each of the events described are picked at my whim from my extensive diaries of the last ten years of my life. An entry will sometimes include what was happening in bitch-boy’s head during the event described. This has been achieved because throughout our relationship, I have often reflected on a recent event and interrogated bitch-boy as to his feelings during it, before making my diary entry. The entries are not verbatim portions of text lifted directly from my diaries. I have rewritten the diary entries to provide explanation of the circumstances prevailing at the time, to ensure full understanding by the reader.

I absolutely love my life and it is my earnest hope that females reading these journals, who have not yet taken firm control of the males in their life, might be moved to do so and come to take as much pleasure from their lives as I do.

My tastes are eclectic and in the journal entries you will find accounts of petticoating humiliation as little girl, school girl and French maid; accounts of sub-human slave treatment, babyfication, bondage, enforced hospitalisation, dickie-discipline, the use of an electrical box, tease and denial, and of course sessions of discipline to maintain appropriate standards of submissiveness.

I begin the journal with my courtship with bitch-boy which I hope sets the scene for all the events that follow. It certainly reminds me just how much I have changed in the last nine years as well as the conditions of bitch-boy’s existence.
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