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Brittany Nightshade

Wiccan Love Spells

Build Confidence and Find Love with Brittany Nightshades White Magic Love Spells.

Simple, well structured Magic Love Spell Rituals from acclaimed author Brittany Nightshade.

The perfect Love Spell book for beginners from any Wiccan path. This spell book has rituals ranging from building confidence in yourself to shaping your fate to put you on a path of long lasting love. The key to doing love spells in a white magic way is in how you cast your intentions, you want to ensure that you are not forcing your will on another person. Instead you ask the gods, goddesses and spirits to put you on a path that will lead to true love.

This book of Wiccan Love Spells includes but is not limited to following:

Poppet Spells for attraction

Love Spell Reversal Rituals

Aphrodisiac potions

Relationship Blessing Rituals

Broken Heart Healing Spell

Love Charms

Massage Oil Rituals

Attraction Rituals

Start your magical journey to finding true love with Brittany Nightshade's White Magic Love Spells for beginners.

-Example Ritual-

Crystal Love Spell

This spell will imbue a crystal with a strong aura of passion. Carrying this Crystal on your person will make anyone in your vicinity contemplate a potential relationship with you.

You will need:

Clear or Rose Quartz Crystal


Red or Pink Cloth

Sea Saltwater

Sprinkle some sea saltwater onto the crystal to cleanse it of any negative energies as it will need to be clear of any residual energies as you’re about to charge it with your own.

Hold the Crystal in your dominate hand and energetically say the following:

“Magnetism, energies bright!
Power unmatched, love! Delight!
Freya’s blessings! Strong and Right!
I charge this crystal with blinding light!”

Place the crystal in the middle of cloth and bring the corners together. Tie the corners together with the string and keep it on you whenever you want the attention of those around you.
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