Another Fine Mess, H.Allen Rankin
H.Allen Rankin

Another Fine Mess

Another Fine Mess© is a collection of original observational single-panel cartoons created by artist H. Allen Rankin. From the whimsical to the absurd, from clever to tasteless, it's always unpredictable where Allen's cartoon brain will lead you. Go ahead…Strap on the Brain Transfer Helmut for a ride into the maniacal cartoon brain of H. Allen Rankin. Once you go in…you'll never want to come back!

If you liked The Far Side you will like Another Fine Mess©. Every day life unfolds with many funny situations both unpredictable and absurd. No matter how grim it gets, there is always something worth laughing over or at least tickling your fancy. Enjoy Another Fine Mess©. There is enough serious stuff blasting us from the daily news. So, before the zombies and the preppers take over, have a few laughs. We all need the endorphins.
61 printed pages


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