Ultratortoise – How I Became an Ultramarathon Runner, Chris Foreman
Chris Foreman

Ultratortoise – How I Became an Ultramarathon Runner

222 printed pages
Treadmill disasters, Dog attack, surgery, my first half marathon then onto my first marathon finally ending with a blow by blow account of my first ultramarathon a 69 mile race along the route of Hadrian’s Wall. This book will offer a detailed and at times intimate no holds barred look at what it took for me to get my lazy backside off my warm sofa and become and ultra runner.

This digtal e-book is part diary part training guide and aimed at anyone looking to make a change in their life. I cover my diet, training pans and techniques and share many thoughts on what it takes to get over the finish line, with an approach that delves deeply into both the physical and mental aspects of distance running.

This e-book is the final compilation of my previous shorter journals into one much larger more extended single volume of over 53 thousand words, images and links to more online content.
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The previous day when I had arrived I was tired and hungry.
astridfinkhas quoted2 years ago
I read and studied a good number of books by other runners on a range of subjects such as having a crap (No2, a poo, a shit, to defecate if you wish) as you run by Andy Mouncey, how to eat pizza as you run by Dean Karnazes and how to reflect on your life by Haruki Murakami.
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