Nicole Moore,Peter Jennings

Shark Assault

The story of a brutal shark attack that cost a woman her arm and much of her leg, and her death-defying recovery.

Nicole Moore is a Canadian nurse who suffered two incredibly rare and lethal strikes by a bull shark in waist-deep water at a Mexican resort beach — attacks all the more brutal for being so unlikely. She lost 60 percent of her blood from deep bites on her arm and leg, and almost died. She was rushed to a Mexican hospital where she received a questionable level of medical care that left her and her family confronting physical and mental anguish. Nicole was brought back to Canada and fought for her life in a Toronto hospital, enduring horrendous pain and suffering the amputation of her arm and very nearly her leg.

On the road to recovery after multiple surgeries, Nicole revisited the site of her attack, and decided she would become a source of inspiration for people facing life's challenges. Despite the trauma she has endured, today Nicole is a popular public speaker and an advocate for saving sharks from hunting and retribution killings.
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