Joan Wilson

Paleo Girl

In Florida during the early 1800's, the world is a big, beautiful place full of things to explore. Paleo Girl is all about the explorations of one particular Native growing up in the wilds of Florida. A keen young girl of the Tocobaga tribe with an adventurous spirit, young Rhee does what any brave and curious girl would do — explore her home as she embarks on her own grand adventure in the wilds. Always curious, Rhee makes new friends and builds powerful connections with her tribe, the land, and even the animals that she encounters.

Even so, there are dangers in the wild, and Rhee's curiosity leads her into those dangers. Can she survive? Will she be the same again even if she manages to overcome the fears these new dangers will inspire?

As she explores, she discovers that while life isn't always easy, there are wonders to discover everywhere. As you join Rhee on her adventures traveling the woods where her tribe lives, you'll see through her eyes the beauty and majesty of the Florida wilds. As she learns the ways of the world, she encounters the sometimes scary and sometimes beautiful wildlife native to this region and learns valuable lessons about when it's time to be bold… and when it's time to let go.
94 printed pages
Original publication



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