Dorothy Collins

No Time for Daddy's Girl

No Time for Daddy’s Girl
Screams of terror invade the air. Ted, a 28-year-old bachelor, sprints to the rescue. Emma is trapped in a car suspended over the cliff, teeters under the waterfall. Water pounding down on the hood. Why was this girl so far off the road with her car wedged on a huge rock?

Ted, a muscular stevedore, had never experienced rescuing anyone, especially when the car is so unstable. Ted gets the brunt of the injuries saving Emma that wanted to go down with the car. Both are hospitalized. Ted a trip to the OR. Emma with minor injuries but depression or so they think escapes then disappears. Ted knows her reason for her car escapade and is concerned for her welfare. Will she try again? Should Ted search for her?

With Emma’s escalating predicament, she calls Ted. He races to her only to find out she requests a rescue of a different nature. He enlists the aid of his fellow scuba divers to help with the release of Emma’s twin brother, Jimmy from a ship.  Will they succeed? Will Emma disappear again if he succeeds?  Is there more to this story than the evasive Emma is revealing?
38 printed pages
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