Arthur J.Rees

Detective Crew: The Hampstead Mystery & The Mystery of the Downs

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. “The Hampstead Mystery” — High Court Justice Sir Horace Fewbanks is found murdered in his own home in Hampstead. A butler with a shady past is the first suspect, but there are several other characters who turn attention there way with suspicious behavior. Scotland Yard detectives are in charge of the case, but the Judge's daughter hires a famous private investigator Crew who shows up and runs a parallel investigation.”The Mystery of the Downs” — Harry Marsland is caught in a sudden storm and he is forced to seek shelter in a nearest house that happens to be at a Cliff Farm. He is welcomed in by a woman who was expecting someone else. Before the storm is over, they are alarmed by a noise from the upstairs, especially because there was supposed to be nobody else in the house. They get upstairs and find a farm's owner dead of a gunshot wound. When the storm is over the police inspectors arrive, and soon after them the famous private detective Crew is on the scene too.
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