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German Your Complete Guide To German Language Learning

Students as well as teachers need first-class learning material which can be implemented on a daily basis and is easy to learn. Also, most people want practical help that let’s them learn a language in the shortest time possible. Most people don’t have time to study 20 hours per week, or let alone have the opportunity to study in Germany.
However, you can increase your odds of learning German in less time rather than brooding over exhausting reading material.
Most individuals who want to learn a new language commit similar errors, and this impedes their progress. The issue is that they only adhere to a sole method for learning the language. Studying German using traditional methods (classroom learning, studying textbooks) can be boring, time consuming and expensive. With this book, you can maximise your chance of success.
This book includes 4 learning parts:

German: A Beginner's Guide to German Language Learning
German: A Practical Learning Guide — Accelerated Learning Methods
German Short Stories: 15 Entertaining Short Stories for Beginners Including Audio
German Phrase Book: 700 Realistic German Phrases for Travelers, Students and Kids

155 printed pages
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    Dana Sanseihas quoted3 years ago
    But in all other situations the definite articles change and require the ending: -en. Additionally, the - en is automatically used in all plural forms.
    If it’s the Nominative (singular) case or looks like the Nominative then it’s an -e. In all other cases an -en.
    Dana Sanseihas quoted3 years ago
    Masculine - der, Feminine - die, and Neuter - das.

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