Danielle May

Every Boss Has A Soft Spot 2

In this second installment of Every Boss Has A Soft Spot, Sasha is torn between a man that is willing to be her everything and a man that’s unwilling to commit to her. Trying to get over Ron’s rejection of her, Sasha comes to the conclusion that she needs to move on. Once she starts seeing Shawn in a different light, she realizes that maybe he has been the one for her all along. Just when she thinks she has finally gotten Ron out of her system, he comes storming back into her life, confusing her once again.
After the accident, Ron continues to live his life as he sees fit, only concentrating on stacking his money and getting out the game as soon as he possibly can. Though he tries to convince himself Sasha is better off without him, he can’t seem to get her off his mind. Jealousy seeps in when he spots her out with someone else, forced to face the fact that his feelings for her are deeply rooted. Deciding to finally put his pride to the side, he gives her a choice to either be with him or be without him, but is it too late?
Did his unwillingness to commit push the very woman he cares about into the arms of another?
121 printed pages
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