State of Control, Vanessa Muir
Vanessa Muir

State of Control

Agent Charlotte “Charlie” Spade has that feeling in her gut. The one telling her that something isn’t right. The one that has her looking over her shoulder to make sure nobody’s watching or listening.

Her Stormshield work partner, Jones, is off the rails. For no apparent reason, he’s angry, violent, and unpredictable. Are his ramblings about cover-ups and lies just delusions?

When her job is on the line, Charlie must weigh the risk and reward. She can listen to Jones and discover the truth, but lose all she’s worked so hard for. Or she can ignore her instincts and stop digging, but let the State maintain false control.

There’s one decision Charlie has already made… trust no one.
73 printed pages
Original publication
Hidden Sphinx


Chotu Siddhu
Chotu Siddhushared an impression8 months ago
👍Worth reading

Will compel you to read the remainder of the series. ✌🏼

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