Guild Without a Name: A Superhero Epic, Jaime Mera
Jaime Mera

Guild Without a Name: A Superhero Epic

A continuing superhero epic story from a different side of crime fighting. Mathew loses his finance and brother over the skies of Nepal during a terrorist operation, but finds true love again in London. Mathew becomes leader of the most successful and deadly thieving nameless guild in existence. The founders of the Yimen complex meet their doom at the hands of Lee and his family of superhumans bent on revenge. The guild without a name pulls off a heist shifting military power to countries desiring world domination. Lee uses his powers to become a top ranked sniper and mercenary for hire as a cover to find criminals, but falls for Diana one of the members in the guild. Saving Mathew and Diana’s lives during an operation, Lee uncovers a conspiracy implicating Australia as the masterminds behind assassinations and thefts of national security technology. Both groups kill or steal for personal moral or twisted reasons, but both are heroic at heart. Look at preview.
240 printed pages
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Jaime Mera



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