Tasting Russell, Clara Cummings
Clara Cummings

Tasting Russell

Cheerleader Audrey still can't get the image of her squad captain out of her mind. Despite her best efforts to distract herself, she starts to give in to fantasy. Interrupted by Wendy, her cheer squad captain, Audrey's unsatisfied desire continues to grow and threatens to engulf her in its inferno. After hearing a tale of Wendy's “sexual escapades,” Audrey decides to see what kind of slut her cheer captain is.

Excerpt: Wendy smiled and joined Audrey on her bed. Audrey looked at something to allow her gaze to sweep back to Wendy and inspect her hotness. She could barely see some of Wendy’s panties under the tiny skirt. She felt a stir in her body and quickly met eyes with her captain.
“Well,” Wendy started. “It was nice, I guess.”
“Nice?” Audrey asked. “How was it nice? You were pissed when I saw you in the locker room. Don’t give me that nice bullshit.”
“It was,” Wendy defended herself. “I mean, the kid was a nerd and all but overall it was nice.”
13 printed pages
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