David Wright,Sean Platt

Dark Crossings

For fans of The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, Sean Platt and David Wright are back with a baker’s dozen third collection of Dark Crossings short stories blending sci-fi, horror, and thrills.

Giving Up The Ghost — In a world where ghosts must be ushered by a special agency to their next stop, a mother refuses to give up her child’s ghost. How far will she go to hold on to her son? And what happens to ghosts who outstay their welcome?

Mandela Effect — A man returns from a business trip to find that some things have changed — including his family.

Sermon Ridge — Phoebe and Emet are finally going to realize their dream — to build a place of their own. Just one problem, Emet’s family is hiding a dark secret. Phoebe soon discovers that some family skeletons should remain in the closet.

Killer Ride — When Sam takes a ride sharing service, the driver seems too good to be true. In fact, something is very off about him. Has she just gotten into a car with a serial killer?

Connections — This might be Aubrey’s worst birthday ever — her 30th and not a single person has noticed. She has never felt so alone. After a life filled with more misery than most, and a terrible secret she’s kept inside, she’s on the verge of finally ending it all. Then she gets an offer, a new service called LyfeConnect which promises to introduce her to her perfect match in two minutes. What has she got to lose?

And we’ve got eight more tales to thrill!

For fans of our series, this collection includes standalone stories set in the worlds of WhiteSpace, Monstrous and ForNevermore, as well as a heartbreaking piece set in the zombie world of Dead City by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant.
363 printed pages
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