Tella Olayeri

Praying Through Pandemic and Receive Solution

The world is in stalemate. Things are not working as planned. There is lock down all over. A virus is rattling the world. Infirmities and diseases are escalating as the world watches with awe.

The whole world is facing the most traumatic experience at this moment and concentrated efforts should be made exceedingly to chat the way forward in addressing the current precarious situation.

This book is loaded with prayers and antidote of this deadly virus. Prayers are raised to meet daily health of neighbors and nation.

This book is written to bring smiles to faces of people that believe, God can do it all. Many homes and nations are brought down by plagues, sickness, disease or infirmity. The heaven is ready to answer our prayer if we pray with faith and believe in the ALMIGHTY.

This is a biblically based prayer book that addresses health challenges any nation or person may experience. Each chapter is biblically written, loaded with prayers, raised with assurance of answers to what seems incurable or deadly. Prayer in this book portrays what is said, “No controversy Jesus Christ is the Lord”. There is no sickness or disease Jesus cannot heal. He will arise on his throne and answer your prayer.

The easiest way to win, is to take your matter to God. No matter how helpless the situation, God shall arise. The woman with issue of blood touched Jesus garment and was healed. The healing power is still there, his miracles abound. This book is loaded with his power and miracles; “By his stripes we are healed”

Arise; give praise to the Lord Almighty that heals the land of disease, infirmity and sickness.

Hallelujah. Amen.
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Tella Olayeri
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