Judy May,Judy May Murphy

Diamond Star Girl

Welcome to Lemony’s summer: Lights, camera, action!

My name’s Lemony, I’m nearly 15, and this is my journal. Things I like: my best friend Ro, Nick Collins, chinchillas, reading and hanging out with friends. Things I DON’T like: my glasses, the way I talk too fast around boys … I’m too tall and too geeky, and I spend FAR too much time sitting around dreaming my life away.

But with a movie being filmed in town, it looks like real life might be getting just as exciting as daydreams — even if they only hire me to make cups of tea while my cool friends get to swan around in front of the camera.

Anyway, Ro, my brother Paul and I are going to have fun on the film set — as long as boring Stephen Brown doesn’t try to hang out with us…
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