CJ Edwards

Our Best Friend's Daughter

My Best friend has my wife so …

It's only fair that I enjoy his gorgeous 18YO daughter!

My oldest friend had gone through hell just recently, with losing his wife and all. My wife had eased the road for him with a regular good shagging and unbeknown to David, it was with my full approval and in fact my idea. Caroline and I had a very open marriage and although I loved her deeply, I loved her most when watching her being humped by another man or pleasuring a woman.

We bumped into David together in town and he was clearly embarrassed to see Caroline with me, poor boy! Then he revealed a real treat. he had a daughter I never even knew about. Eighteen and cute as hell. I had to have her and Caroline was the perfect secret weapon to catcher her for me. She never failed!

David had no idea but he was going to pay me back for the loan of my wife in the perfect way. I was going to enjoy his precious daughter!
21 printed pages
Original publication
Erotic Dreams



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