Norseman On the Threshold: A Midland Gothic Novella, James Glenn
James Glenn

Norseman On the Threshold: A Midland Gothic Novella

72 printed pages
Worcester Cathedral sleeps calmly on the banks of the River Severn, quiet in its golden stone, and basking in the rise and fall of centuries. But deep inside its wall’s and fabric, in between its foundations, crypts, and long forgotten chambers, deeds done with less than a valiant heart fester resentfully in secret.

A burglary goes horribly wrong, as two thieves in Worcester Cathedral late at night embark on their most daring crime to date. Robbing the tomb of wicked King John.

Forces stir from a long sleep and dusty eyelids flutter in the dark, as this is not the first time the Cathedral has been robbed…

Delving into ancient history, ghost stories, and the folklore of the region, ‘Norseman’ spins an engrossing and spellbinding adventure through the environs of Worcester Cathedral, in this unforgettably chilling tale.

‘Norseman’ is the first novella under the banner of ‘Midland Gothic’, a series of novels and anthologies with supernatural themes and dark fantasy adventures.
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