James Keena


Welcome to America in the Year 2084
     She froze, hearing that eerily unnatural sound again. This time it was much closer. Brutus barked in another room and then so did Spartacus.
     "Did you hear it that time?" she whispered to her husband.
     "Hear what?" he whispered back. Her nervous agitation and the reaction of the dogs had put him on edge. His muscles tensed. The hair on the back of his neck prickled.
     Brutus and Spartacus scratched at the front door.
     BAM! Shards of glass and splinters of wood exploded around them. Someone screamed as shadowy, helmeted figures wearing night-vision goggles poured like giant beetles through the demolished door and the shattered windows…
In this mystery thriller, desperate parents race against the clock to save the lives of their two children, abducted by a shadowy international society. Their mission takes a pivotal turn when they accept help from a band of gypsies, an elderly sage, and a young woman with a horrifying past.
But nothing can prepare them for the decisions they must make as the fate of an apocalyptic world hangs in the balance.
485 printed pages
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