Kee Thuan Chye

No More Bullshit, please. We're All Malaysians

Straight talk on Malaysian politics is what you get in this book. No mincing of words, no waffling. Direct and to-the-point. In other words, no bullshit. Writer Kee Thuan Chye is noted for his candid and honest commentaries on Malaysian politics; in these pages are his incisive interpretations of what is going wrong in Malaysia and suggestions of what needs to be done to correct the ills. He does not hold back his punches when he wallops the Prime Minister and some of his Cabinet members. He speaks out without fear or favour in interviews done with him by other media. From these and the poems and excerpts from his plays included here, you hear the voice of a Malaysian who cares enough for his country to speak up for its good. Among its contents are:?
Time to Repeal the Sedition Act?
The Sex Video Comedy and the Malaysian Malady?
Holy Cow! Minister Defends Protestors!?
The Man who Created a Culture of Fear?
The Beginning of Change in Sarawak?
Peanuts, Not Sweeping Reforms?
Spammed by the PM!?
What Will They Do about Racism Now??
Should MCA Remain in BN??
Najib and Gang Say the Darnedest Things?
Why is Perkasa Against Bersih 2.0?
477 printed pages


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