Charles James Lever

The Knight Of Gwynne (Vol. 1&2)

In the middle of the 19th century, the rivalry between English and Irish nation was, with all its violence, by no means ungenerous. The political contest was bringing out the worst qualities out on the surface. In the era of the gross corruption where only a few resisted offers and temptations, giving Ireland the stain of a weaker country, lived Maurice Darcy, known far and wide as the Knight of Gwynne. Darcy was a cultivated gentleman with highlighted “Irishry” in his nature. He was a well-known leader of public opinion which made him valuable political ally. In the newest political turmoil, scared that Darcy might go with the opposition, three powerful men, forming the new Government in Dublin, decided to gain the support of the Knight of Gwynne no matter what it costs, unaware of the price of an honest man.
1,056 printed pages
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