Gayle Soucek

Mr. Selfridge in Chicago

This biography recounts the rise of the American retail magnate who would go on to open London’s famous Selfridge’s department stores.
In early 1909, a new retail emporium readied for business on the “wrong end of Oxford Street” in London. The man behind it was an odd little American with a waxed mustache and frenetic nature. Harry Gordon Selfridge had spent the previous twenty-five years in Chicago honing his skills at the venerable Marshall Field and Company before unleashing his concept of retail theater in the United Kingdom.
In Mr. Selfridge in Chicago, biographer Gayle Soucek follows the young man’s astounding rise through the ranks of the Windy City's merchant princes. From working as Mr. Field’s stock boy to his failed attempt to best his former boss as master of Chicago retail, Soucek follows Selfridge on his tumultuous journey—one that ultimately proves triumphant as he brings the American department store to the United Kingdom.
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