Terry Barnett-Martin

Tending Fences : Building Safe and Healthy Relationship Boundaries; The Parables of Avery Soul

Tending Fences is a collection of simple, yet profound parables about building healthy relationship boundaries that foster a sense of well-being, safety and respect. It speaks to the heart and intuition in a way that helps to make good relationships better, and sort out and set straight difficult relationships. In Tending Fences, Avery Soul discovers that in order to feel secure and happy in his world, he must build and repair the fences that run along the borders of his vast land, adjoining his many neighbors. The fences he builds vary according to his relationship with each neighbor. Some connections are safe and easy and the fences are simple. Others are imposing and harmful, and necessitate higher, stronger fences. These charming stories speak of universal relationship dilemmas we have all experienced at some time or another, and go about showing the value and the good work of building and maintaining safe and healthy boundaries.
99 printed pages
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