Cool Versus Creepy: An Aging Man’s Guide to Turning Fifty, Fred D.Cushner
Fred D.Cushner

Cool Versus Creepy: An Aging Man’s Guide to Turning Fifty

28 printed pages
As a physician, Dr. Fred D. Cushner firmly believes that laughter is a good form of medicine—just as long as people are laughing with you and not at you.

Cool versus Creepy: An Aging Man’s Guide to Turning Fifty
is as quick, fun, and memorable as the epic Vegas pool party that inspired it. Ever wondered just how others perceive you and your actions? Just what sort of impression do your ponytail, Corvette, scandalously young girlfriend, and earring really make? Is anyone really impressed by your midlife-crisis antics?

Is it as cool as you think … or just creepy?

Dr. Fred D. Cushner is a well-known Orthopedic Surgeon in NYC who specializes in knee surgery. He is an avid medical writer, having authored two knee text books, numerous scientific articles, many book chapters, and even an article entitled Humor and Medicine. In his free time, he enjoys creative writing, having previously completed a children’s book entitled NBA and The Other 23 Letters of the Alphabet.
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