Eva Harmon

Taboo Sex Stories

Warning: This book is for adults that are looking for something to drive them wild.

Are you looking for something to spice up your night? Look no further-this book features seven highly erotic stories that will tickle your fancy while you tickle something else. If you're into taboo, sexy stories filled with subjects that would make your mother blush, you're in the right place. Open this book and find something to get your panties soaked today. You'll find stories that are rough and sensual at the same time, tickling taboo fancies and wetting panties, such as:

Blind Pleasure: A woman exploring a swinger's club with her husband getting a night that she'll remember forever after the sexy, sensual experience that she has with more than one man. Who knew so many different hands could feel so good?

Variety is the Spice of Sex: A woman who is bored with her married sex life decides to bring in some reinforcements to relive her days of not being beholden to just one body, spending some sexy, sensual time with both her husband and their neighbor to spice their bedroom life up a bit more than they realized they needed. Variety is the spice of life-and sex!

Clara's Experiment: A woman exploring her interest in being submissive learning what it really means to be bound and used like a toy for the thrill of someone else, being truly at the mercy of someone else, and discovers that she loves every single moment of it.

Amelia's Punishment: A young, hot housekeeper makes a mistake that deserves to be punished. After all, what good is it to have housekeepers that can't do what they're told when they're told to do it? Sometimes, you need a firm hand to teach you what needs to be done, and her boss is not afraid to teach that lesson if he has to. In fact, he's more than willing to and teaches her a lesson she'll never forget.

Unwrapped Gifts: If gifts are meant to be opened, does that mean that our clothes are just gift wraps for when we give ourselves to someone else? In this story, a woman and her best friend present themselves as the ultimate gift to her boyfriend for a celebration of a lifetime.

Closer to the Edge: Noisy neighbors can be the worst-but what if they're also smoking hot and you're desperate? This story takes you alongside a woman who confronts her noisy neighbor, only to be in for a night that she'll never forget. Let's just say he gave her something to really be frustrated about.

Shut up and F*ck me: Sometimes, when you have the urge, you have to satisfy it, and this hot secretary knows that better than anyone else. But, she wants to take things one step further and make her fantasies a reality when she knows that her boss is in the room next door, finishing up a business call. Can she convince him to give her what she wants?
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