John Daniel

The Synoptic Gospel

One complete Gospel united from Four! This word-for-word harmony of the Four Gospels shows all of the events from the life of Jesus Christ in chronological order; all of His teachings, His deeds, and His miracles. With the parallel sections of verses from the four Gospels unified, this Gospel is 22% shorter to read compared to reading the four Gospels back-to-back. Dates and locations are added to show when and where each event happened, so now you can follow the buildup of action, from the beginning of the life and ministry of Jesus, to His trials and crucifixion, through to His resurrection and ascension into Heaven.
Synoptic means “seeing together as one” and the text of this book is reprinted from the fifth column of four Gospel harmony and merger “FIVE COLUMN”, which aligns all of the sets of parallel verses from the four Gospel accounts according to a chronological timeline for the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, and then unifies all of their words according to a 16 step harmonization and merging process. The result is one clear, easy to read account, with all of the events in order.
With the entire story divided into chapters, acts and 360 scenes of action, you can read one scene a day to know the full Gospel story of the life of Jesus in a year! Understanding the sequence of the Gospel events is further enhanced with the dates and locations that are listed for each scene.

304 printed pages
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