Anna DePalo

Hollywood Baby Affair

A fake relationship leads to a real pregnancy in a novel that “hits a lot of the right notes; a fast and fun read” from the USA Today–bestselling author (Library Journal).
To protect her reputation in a dog-eat-dog town, actress Chiara Feran needs a fake fling fast! Turning to the stuntman on her latest movie, Rick Serenghetti, seems like a sure thing. But in Hollywood, things—and stuntmen—are never what they seem. Rick is actually a wealthy movie producer who stunts for kicks. And boy, is he intrigued by this latest role! But he gets more than he bargained for as the line between fantasy and reality blurs. Soon, a very real baby is on the way. Could a marriage proposal be far behind?
“With its sizzling sensuality and intriguing characters, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of Hollywood Baby Affair for a read you will surely enjoy.” —Romance Reviews Today
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